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Memes-USA 29 March 2020





More Chinese Wuhan Virus Memes

Obama Swine flu deaths

As you can see there were 60.8 MILLION! cases of Swine Flu in USA in 2009
when Obama was president!
18,306 Deaths!
1,700 Death before Obama did Anything!
More Kids died with his virus

And other media coddled him like a baby!

And now, because Mr. Donald Trump is the President
they are going to destroy the whole world Economy??!

Absolutely D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G !!!





More Covid-19 Funny Memes

Real Global Pandemic=George Soros

World Manipulated Easily by Media

Masked Robbery Callmed down

Corona virus vs Abortion deaths

Media make covid-19 dangerous

Corona-virus Memes

Seems like my co-citizens in North America think the best protection against Covid-19 is a toilet paper.

They are smarter than the rest of the world, and they know before this is over, we will all shit our pants

Toilet paper Panic room

Every CEO of toilet paper company now

Dog chewed life savings

Explaining how eating bat lead to toilet paper shortage

18 Similarities Between Women and Computers

This is one old funny article, I’ve found on one of my old computers from the time in the last century when political corrected haven’t ruined the West yet. So no, I am NOT going to apologize to any feminist for it’s – supposed – political incorrectness..

Right now I identify as a woman for you crazy LGBTXYZ… lunatics, so all you monstrosities who came out from under some stinky rock eF-off!

1) A woman is like a computer in that she costs more than you thought it would.

2) A woman resembles a personal computer in that she will not do exactly what you thought it will.

3) After a while, you simply cannot do without both: your computers and your woman.

4) Computers are just like women: after you have gotten used to them and cannot do without them, you discover that one is not enough.

5) Some computers, like some women, serve many people.

6) You can work miracles with both by gently using your fingers if you only know the proper code.

7) If you are inactive with them for more than fifteen minutes, they go off.

8) Just like a computer, the one who runs her has more privileges than just anyone else who is just running her.

9) When there are short-circuits of electricity, they shut you off and then you cannot always return to what was before the short-circuit.

10) Normally, they are available and receptive in the night, but it’s a lot better when they are available and receptive in the morning.

11) When you are, at last, sure that they will do what you wanted, they go off and do something else.

12) The only thing that you predict about the future with them is that they will react unpredictably.

13) Just like women, so too for computers: every year a new model is released that is younger, more advanced and gives a lot more.

14) A woman is just like a computer: you are happy with what you have but when you see what your friends have got, you are sure you want what they have.

15) Women are like computers in that no matter how much you improve and put into them, they only improve for a short time and then go back to their same old pace.

16) Women are like computers in that every day a new program comes out promising to revolutionize your knowledge and use of them, but after spending a lot more cash you realize that none of them work better than the old one you had before.

17) Women are like computers: you always want what others have and they want what you have but you cannot switch even for a trial basis.

18) Women are like computers in that when you get them you are sure that they are the best. But when the days go back, you wonder why you did not get them with a replacement note.