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The biggest farce in American History

Here is an article I Fully agree with. It summarizes the ‘Great Covid-19 Hysteria of 2020’ extremely well.
There is a great immortal idea fully deserving it’s own Meme. Just read below

The Most Tragic Case of Governmental, Medical, and Media Malpractice In the History of the World

Douglas MacKinnon
Posted: Apr 28, 2020 12:01 AM

Just over two months ago, I spoke with an infectious disease doctor who not only believed that millions of Americans had already been exposed to COVID-19, but that the lockdowns were counterproductive and we needed to let herd Immunity take hold in our nation.

Two months ago.

With each passing day, we are told that multiple more Americans were in-fact exposed to the virus than the “experts” suspected. Or more to the point…guessed.

I will keep asking this question until the groupthink-thought-police come to arrest me:

“When has it ever been sound medical or governmental practice to sacrifice – and destroy – the economic, mental, and physical well-being of the 99 percent to MAYBE protect and save the one percent…or less? When?”

This same doctor I spoke with also stressed to me that the “experts” our nation and the world relied upon to shut it down, could not answer one simple question. That being: Is COVID-19 less or more lethal than the Hong Kong flu pandemic (H3N2) of 1968? A pandemic that mirrored COVID-19 in that it was highly infectious and was primarily lethal to those over 65 with pre-existing conditions. A pandemic that infected millions of Americans and killed approximately 100,000 out of a then population of about 200 million. A pandemic which worldwide, killed upwards of 4 million people.

As of this writing, worldwide, there have been approximately 210,000 deaths. And does anyone else find it troubling and highly suspicious that the United States alone is responsible for slightly more than one-quarter of all deaths worldwide?

How could we possibly account for one-quarter of all the COVID-19 deaths in the entire world?

Easy, if say, you start counting pianos falling out windows and dropping on people as COVID-19 related deaths.

As we are also learning with each passing day, in order to justify their highly controversial, extremely punishing, draconian lockdowns, the handful of politicians, officials, and experts who upended our lives and ordered those lockdowns, are being very creative and very liberal as to what constitutes a COVID-19 fatality, all of which begs the question: Are there any ethical and honest reporters left within the mainstream media who could investigate this clearly duplicitous – but officially condoned – counting method?

The little real anecdotal evidence accidentally seeping into mainstream media indicates that the actual fatality rate in our nation from COVID-19 is less than the fear-merchants are displaying on their “Death Dashboards.” Potentially, far less. Unbiased professional reporting could tell us the real numbers.

But then, that’s the rub. Much of the liberal mainstream media signed up for team “Doom and Gloom” from day one. At first, they did so to create as much fear and panic as possible so they could use COVID-19 as the mother of all click-bait cash cows. Once that was accomplished, many in that same liberal media chose to keep the fear-mongering going as a political tool.

Tens of millions of now desperate, depressed, angry, unemployed Americans, coupled with thousands of small business owners now out of business, have been told for weeks to “suck it up and do as you’re told” by politicians, academics, federal officials, media talking-heads, and celebrities who either have guaranteed, gold-plated jobs and healthcare plans, or seven-figure salaries, and millions in the bank.

The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment” to be inflicted upon criminal defendants. And yet, that same Constitutional consideration is not being afforded to those tens of millions of Americans whose lives have been negatively affected, or even destroyed, by draconian lockdowns which do amount to the most “cruel and unusual punishment” in the history of our Republic.

And then, from within that, tens of millions of Americans numbers, comes the – purposely – uncounted number of our fellow citizens who have died as a direct result of the lockdowns. Deaths from suicide, stress, drug and alcohol abuse, physical abuse, or those who had serious pre-existing medical conditions but were scared away from the hospitals and life-saving treatment.

Do those deaths count? Are those lost Americans of any importance?

Do facts even matter when COVID-19 has been turned into a political football?

If they still do, then some of those facts are blaring that the fatality rate for this virus is 10 to 40 times lower than the “World is Ending” estimates spit out by faulty computer models.

Dr. Scott W. Atlas – the David and Joan Traitel Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and former Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford Medical Center – recently looked at the numbers in New York City, a city that became the epicenter of the virus in the United States.

Dr. Atlas – who is predictably shunned by the mainstream media because he does prefer using actual facts and statistics – recently reported that the rate of death for all people ages 18 to 45 is 0.01 percent. For people under 18, the rate of death is zero per 100,000. And of almost 8,000 NYC COVID-19 deaths fully investigated for underlying conditions, 99.2 percent had an underlying illness.

The truth must matter more than flawed computer models and experts and officials drunk on power.

Will anyone be held accountable for what will surely come to be known as the most tragic case of governmental, medical, and media malpractice in the history of the world? I doubt it.

Douglas MacKinnon is former White House and Pentagon official and author of the forthcoming Science Fiction/Fact novel: The Dawn of a Nazi Moon: Book One


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Fatality Rate of Major Virus Outbreaks-Last 50 Years

Here are fatality rates of major virus outbreaks worldwide
in the last 50 years!


As you can see the Covid-19 is absolutely Not the worst! So for the love of God I CANNOT understand the current Hysteria!

In 1997 I was working in a Nursing Home, so I Do Know, what I am talking about, and what is it like! Yet, we never had this kind of craziness even the Mortality rate of H5N1 Bird flu was 52.8%!

Not to mention all those other much more deadlier virus outbreaks than current Corona virus – yet nobody even Thought to decimate the economy and our normal lives like it is now!

Because at those times we Didn’t have social media – we had a Common Sense!!!

Good Luck with future You Fools!

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