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We Live in 2 Separate Realities

Again I have to agree with these memes below. When I speak with many of my friends, many times I feel like we Truly live in 2 different worlds. Like they don’t see what I believe my eyes are showing me, they don’t hear what my ears are telling me!

But the saddest fact is, that when I press, I will find out at the end that they didn’t see the actual video, didn’t read the actual article, they are just parroting what the Main stream media is telling them! Yes, in this age of Internet there are still a lot of people who simply don’t Verify the Facts, they Don’t use their Brain, just eat what those lying POS MSM are telling them! Hook, line, and sinker.


CNN reporting on Trump

CNN vs Trump

You are the reason of warning labels







Juridictions in USA

So much fake news